Gifts for Cat Lovers – Top 9 Picks

A few tips for choosing best gifts for cat lovers

best gifts for cat lovers

Cats are one of the most popular pets to have, so there is a variety of choices when it comes to gifts for cat lovers. Despite taking care of these snobbish, picky, and aloof felines, cat lovers revel in their passion to like anything and everything related to cats.

Cat lovers usually keep more than one cat in their house, frequent cat cafes, and even buy all the accessories for the kittens (imagine ribbons, collars, and other fancy stuff for their furry friends). Their passion for cats is undeniable and indefatigable that you would just admire them for all the efforts and attention these people devote to their pets.

If you have a family member, friend, or significant other who is so fond of cats, here are awesome and cute gifts for cat lovers that you could consider.

  1. Cats for Dummies
gifts for cat lovers

Cats For Dummies

Generally, books about cat care are perfect gifts for cat lovers. This is especially useful for new cat owners who may still be adjusting to their new roles. Taking care of cats is not a joke. However, a voluminous read may bore the cat owner to death.

Spare him the unnecessary copious amounts of information by giving him these sample books:

ASPCA Complete Guide to Cats – Everything You Need to Know About Choosing and Caring for Your Pet

Complete Cat Care Manual: The Ultimate Illustrated Guide to Caring for Your Cat

Think Like A Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat,

Not a Sour Puss

Cat Sense: How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet.

There are other notable titles in bookstores and on Amazon. Examine who wrote them.

The best option is a cat care handbook written by a veterinarian or a known experts of felines.

  1. Cat Collar or Leash

Head over to the Web and you will definitely see cute and colorful cat collars. They vary in designs, color, and size. Choose ones that are easily adjustable, soft, and durable. The collar should be easily secured as well.

  1. Cat Food and Water Bowls

A cat lover will appreciate cat food and water bowls. There are plastic and metal bowls, so your choice depends on what the cat lover uses for his pet. There are bowls with installed fountains or water dispensers. On the other hand, you could give a simple cat bowl as a present, and the cat owner will still thank you for it.

  1. Cat Food Containers

Some cat containers are stackable and locked to keep moisture from going inside the container. Most cat food containers are made of plastic and range from small to big ones.

  1. Homemade Cat Shampoo

Even cats need to go organic! Try your luck in making homemade cat shampoo by mixing equal parts of corn meal, oatmeal, and baking soda. The corn meal and oatmeal will make the cat’s fur softer and shinier, while baking soda will take care of dirt and odor. Add a few tablespoons of coffee powder and lemon for anti-tick properties. The cat lover will surely love the novelty of this idea.

  1. Cat Stockings

No, the cat will not wear the stockings, but the cat owner would. Perfect for female cat lovers, a pair of black stockings with feline ears for designs will get their “kawaii” mode on and set the trend for pet-inspired clothing.

  1. Cat Ears

Make the cat lover feel like a real cat for one day. Cat ears as hair accessories are making girls crazy now. Cat lovers wouldn’t want to miss these headbands!

  1. Felix the Cat Clock

Male cat lovers don’t have to be left behind. Give them a Felix the Cat wall clock for a daily reminder of their cat daddy duties, with a mix of nostalgia for showing them one of the most popular and iconic cats in pop culture.

  1. Lucky Cat Charm

You often see this waving cat in Chinese stores and establishments. Any cat lover would love one in his home, too. It not only attracts fortune, but it also makes for cute living room decor.

These nine gifts for cat lovers are guaranteed to make any cat lover’s heart palpitate for a few seconds. Trust your instinct and grab any of these items to make any cat lover deliriously happy.


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