Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree – Why and When To Choose It

Choosing and Installing A Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree

floor to ceiling cat trees

Entertainment, comfort, and safety — these are the three things your felines may get from having access to a floor to ceiling cat tree in your home.

However, you may need to look into other factors if you have many large cats. Of course, as a cat lover, you want to give the best for your cat. One way you can do that is through purchasing the right cat tree for your large felines.

To make your buying process and decision-making easier, here is one option you may consider: a floor to ceiling cat tree.

Below are the top things you need to have in mind while selecting the right cat tree.



It is a basic rule for cat owners to have sturdier and stronger cat trees the more cats they own. Cats are super active and love to climb on anything they can. Hence, it is essential that the furniture has a strong structure and can hold them efficiently without the risk of toppling over. Otherwise, it would take so much effort to convince your felines to use or climb the tree again.

To prevent that from happening, choose a floor to ceiling cat tree with a strong and sturdy structure and a large base.

floor to ceiling cat tower

You can find that kind of cat furniture by being careful with your material selection.

This type of furniture uses a range of materials. There are ones built using treated wood with flannel or fake fur for its cover. There are also others built from real, solid wood with olefin or nylon carpet for its cover, which is your best option.

In addition, you need to select furniture fastened by screws instead of nails or glue. With cat trees fastened with screws, you are able to tighten them after years of use, which you cannot do with glue or nails.


Your Cats’ Personality

Do your pets love scratching things or are they too active? Is your pet fond of just lounging around? You need to have your pet’s personality in mind while choosing a floor to ceiling cat tree.

cat climbing trees


If they do love to scratch things, then ensure to select cat tree featuring several surfaces or posts meant for that. If they are too active and spend most of the day playing, it helps to have furniture with lots of built-in stuff, like toys and a multi-level cat climber.

Or, if they love to lounge around, purchase one that has comfortable platforms and perches and some alcoves where they can take naps. However, make sure to choose cat trees with perches built for the size of your cats for safety purposes.

Experts also state that the ideal perches owners should choose are those with a U shape.


Additional Features

You want your cats to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves in your home. You can make certain of that by looking for furniture integrated with their favorite activities. Some of the best ones to choose from are:

  • Tunnels for them to crawl, hide, and sleep in
  • Scratching posts to sharpen their claws without ruining your home furniture
  • Platforms or perches for exercising, sleeping, and lounging
  • Ramps and levels, which is just ideal for your multiple cats since they can also use them for jumping exercises
  • Cat bedrooms for privacy when sleeping

floor to ceiling cat tree

With the help of these factors, you will be able to find the best floor to ceiling cat tree suitable for all your felines quickly.

Once you do, expect to benefit from safe and secure cat furniture that requires less footprint and less risk of ceiling damage. At the same time, you are certain that your cats are given the best, not just for their safety and comfort, but also for their entertainment.

Of course, during the selection process, you should consider your style to match your home décor. How the cat furniture’s color and style complements your home’s motif are just as important as the product’s safety and durability.

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