Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

This time of the year is about spending quality time with family and friends, so why not hand out Christmas gifts for cat lovers?

The holiday season can be a fun family time of gift giving for many people.

Gift giving ideas like these are a great way to show the cat lovers in your life that you understand and support their four legged friends.

christmas gifts for cat loversChristmas decorations and musical boxes with cat designs can be some of the most beautiful ornaments to place on the fireplace mantel.  Take a look at this idea, the Meowy Christmas Figurine. It has Santa looking over his list while playful kittens look on.

So cute and any cat lover would adore this well crafted figurine to bring out and show off to guests, every Christmas gathering thereafter.

cat christmas gift
Cat Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree are always a great gift idea too.

The Siamese Cat Christmas Ornament Shatter Proof Ball is just one selection you can purchase as a delicate gift for friends and family.

These ornaments come in different varieties of cats so you can pick a Christmas Ornament that closely resembles your feline friend.


How about this cool gift idea, the Solar Paw Print lights?

They come in a set of 4 or 6 and they look adorable placed on the ground, leading all the way up to the front door.

In the spring and summer they will make cool garden paw prints which help to light up the back porch for the favorite kitty in your life!

christmas gifts for cat lovers


Here’s another great Christmas gift for cat lovers and it’s called the PyroPet Candles Kisa Candle.

This cat candle comes in pink, green or gray and has no odor like some other paraffin wax candles do.

The coolest thing about this candle is the inner cat as the eyes and inside frame of this candle light up which makes this candle look amazing!  As the wax melts off this kitty candle, a skeleton figurine of the inner cat appears.

christmas gifts for cat lovers


If you know someone who loves cats and Egyptian history all rolled into one, this beautiful candle holder of Bastet the cat goddess, makes a perfect gift.

Bastet was known in Egypt as the protector of women and she bought joy to all those who loved her.

The Bastet Egyptian Cat Candle Holder is approximately 19cm high and is inscribed at the bottom of the holder with Egyptian Hieroglyphs for that authentic look.

cat candle holder


The 4 Piece Happy Cat kitchen towel set, is another cute gift idea for the cat lover in your life.

The best thing about this towel set is you can give a gift like this one anytime of the year. They make ideal housewarming gifts, birthdays or even just because I was thinking about you today gifts.


christmas gift for cat lovers


How about adding in a set of measuring cups and bowls to the towel set?

These Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups and Bowls will make anyone smile and they come in different colors such as light and dark gray, white and black.

Not only are these cups fun to look at but they also make great kitchen accessories, and definitely one of the coolest Christmas gifts for cat lovers.


cat christmas gifts


This cool Christmas gift idea will have everyone talking!

The Tabby Kitty Cat Wine Bottle Holder is playful and also comes in an assortment of different cat colors and breeds.

This clever design wine bottle holder shows the personality of cats and how mischievous some can be. A drunken kitty, we certainly hope not but these cats make adorable Christmas gifts for cat lovers anyway! Comes along good with a kitty salt and pepper holder too.


christmas gifts cat themed


It seems there is an endless assortment of ideas and gifts anyone can give to the feline lover in your life.

We hope you enjoyed some of the cool Christmas gifts for cat lovers  that we have shared with you here today.

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