Cat Shower Curtain – Light up your bathroom

Light up your bathroom with a cool cat shower curtain

If you love cats as much as we do then a beautiful cat shower curtain is a must have in your bathroom. They come in all kinds of cool styles and designs.

Why not decorate your bathroom in cat designs from floor to ceiling, who said we couldn’t? If cats are something you adore, then we have some really cute cat shower curtain designs below to peek your interest.
You can purchase vintage style cats prints on a shower curtain to give your bathroom that touch the 1930’s all over again. The cats vintage painting shower curtain comes in soft polyester which is completely cold water machine washable and easy to clean. There are 12 eyelet holes for hanging the shower curtain up and it comes with a 70 inch drop from the top to the bottom.

How about a Kitty Closeup Portrait Picture of a gorgeous cat face? This shower curtain comes with the face of light gray and white tabby cat, with stunning green and yellow eyes. The cat’s eyes are the most noticeable feature on this beautiful looking shower curtain. The kitty close-up shower curtain is a digital art design and is a shower curtain friendly to the environment.

Best of all, the entire Kitty close-up shower curtain is mold and mildew resistant!

tabby cat shower curtain
What a fun cat shower curtain the Wenko Anti-Mold Cat Polyester Shower Curtain is! Most of us already know cats’ hate water, so what happens when this particular shower curtain introduces water to the cat? Of course he freaks out when a wall of water is coming his way.

cat shower curtains

The best thing about this shower curtain, you don’t have to worry about it developing mold or bacteria as the backing is specially designed to resist bacteria. You can wash this shower curtain in warm water up to 86 degrees which makes it very easy to keep clean.


Make your guests smile when they use your bathroom

If you love cats and dogs, then you are going to want this shower and cat shower curtain

The Adorable Dog And Cat Waterproof Shower Curtain shows a little puppy looking up at their cat friend who hugs them in a comforting loving way. Adorable babies from opposite sides of the spectrum loving on each other! This shower curtain is 72 inches long and is washable in cold water along with being mold and mildew resistant. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

While you are searching for the perfect cat shower curtain, add in this super cute design into the selection.

With this shower curtain, there is a laid back gray cat wearing a big red and white bow tie on the front!

Tuxedo Gray Scottish Fold with Red White Polka Dots Tie Bow shower curtain is so unique; we think you will absolutely love this one!

This cat shower curtain is definitely a conversation show piece which will make your guests smile when they go to use the rest room in your home!

Add red accessories into your bathroom for that extra touch of Zing!

grey cat shower curtain


It’s obvious there is no shortage of styles and colors to choose from when considering a cat shower curtain for the home.


Better still why not gift someone who loves cats, a shower curtain like the ones mentioned above?

There are so many different types of amazing and funny cat shower curtains to choose from, we know you will have fun searching the right one out!

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