Cat Scratching Furniture? Here is how to teach your cat to stop

Cat Scratching Furniture? Here are a few tips for desperate scratching cats owners

A cat scratching furniture is a common problem for owners of indoor cats who spend most of their time inside.

cat scratching furniture

Cat Scratching Furniture

So, you just bought a nice piece of new furniture, and your cat really likes it. Not in a way that it sits in front of it and just looks at it in admiration, but it decided it is a new favorite object to scratch and sharpen its claws on it.
Now what?

Every cat likes scratching and it has a natural instinct to do it, and this is perfectly normal.

If your cat is scratching furniture, the best way to distract it from scratching your favorite piece is to get a scratching replacement for your cat.
You have to provide something else that will become the perfect scratching object.

Scratching posts come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. Some cats like vertical, some like horizontal scratching posts. Also, some cats like to sharpen their claws on ropes, carpets or similar materials like cardboard.

To draw your cat’s attention to the new scratching post, in case it didn’t figure it out itself, you can spray it a little with catnip spray.

It is also important where you place the scratching post. Put it close to the furniture your cat loves to scratch, because if you put it in a distant corner of the room where the cat usually doesn’t spend much time, it is not likely it will show any interest in it. Make sure it is also positioned high enough so your cat can completely stretch when it scratches.

In case your cat keeps attacking the new furniture despite the scratching post you got for it, a double sided sticky tape could probably help. Stick it to the parts of the furniture for a few days and it will motivate the at to search for another scratching object. Cats don’t like when their paws stick to objects.

Another thing you can do is to cut your cat’s nails. This will reduce the urge to scratch and also prevent yourself getting injured while playing with your cat.
If you decide to do it, make sure you use professional cat claw scissors. Cat’s have a different shape of nails than humans and you need special scissors that make the nail clipping much easier and gentle for the cat.


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