Cat Gifts For Men – cool ideas to cheer up your friends

Choosing interesting and entertaining cat gifts for men doesn’t have to be a hard task.

Is there a male in your life who loves cats? Does he have a collection of special items, clothing, or jewelry you want to add to?

Well guess what, we have an assortment of cat gifts for men that you’re going to love to look over! We are sure you will find the purrrfect gift to purchase for your man in our list.

How about buying the man in your life a well tailored shirt with a shy kitty popping out of pocket?

These can be casual shirts for that special outing at the movies, party or barbecue. The shirt comes in long sleeves and has the appearance of a dress shirt. You can find this shirt with a curious kitten peeking out from the pocket or a little sleepy head kitty needing a nap. These shirts are worthy of a big meow from us.

cat gifts for men


A lot of guys also like the old Felix the cat style cartoon design on shirts, movies clocks, etc. There are old DVD movie collections where you can buy Felix off the Internet. These DVDs are ideal for those rainy days when you’re stuck inside and want to watch an old cartoon or two.

The alternative to a long sleeved shirt is a T-shirt for the younger man. It usually has grown cats stretching out and playing ball on the front. The T-shirt has catchy quotes on the front of the shirt which says something along the lines of “It’s my cats house, I just pay the bills.” Quotes like these will definitely get some attention from other people.

You can also purchase Felix the cat alarm clocks come with an animated face that your guy might prefer, Felix’s eyes move as the clock ticks…what a purrrfect gift idea! Great purchase for hanging in the kitchen as Felix watches over the cooking.

felix the cat alarm clock


cat gifts for menAnother great gift idea for the cat loving male in your life is the Felix the cat tie. This tie is sure to be a real conversation piece at the office. This tie belongs in the hall of fame awesomeness when everyone around your man asks where you found this tie. The Felix cat tie is one of our favorites and dominates as a total male moment.


What about a cool looking coffee mug that has a unique looking cat face on it? This can be a personalized cup with your guy’s name on it.

No one else will be drinking out of his mug because of the personalized cat factor which says to everyone, that’s your man’s cup hands off!


Were you aware that you can also purchase cat bed sheet sets? For the single guy – bachelor who loves cats, these sheets sets will look playful in the bedroom. There is a huge variety of different styles, cat species and colorations to choose from. Sheet sets make ideal gifts as a housewarming presents for the single guy just setting up his house or college dorm.

cat gifts for men


You might have thought buying a great gift for a cat loving male was going to be hard when it came to choosing the right selection. We have given you just a few cool ideas when it comes to choosing the perfect cat gifts for men.

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