Cat Birthday Cake Ideas

A cat birthday cake makes a beautiful gift for the cat lover in your life

Most people receive the average looking birthday cake with Happy Birthday written on it, but what if you could have a personalized designed cat cake made for the next birthday party?
A cat birthday cake can be made for adults and children, males or females, so there really isn’t any way you can go wrong here.

Why not present someone you know with a rich and beautiful birthday cake made in the design of a cat, especially if they adore everything kitty.

All you need to do is find out what kind of type of cake your family member likes (chocolate, vanilla or marble), the type of frosting and the baker will do the rest for you. Or you can take the challenge and try to make it yourself.

There are a lot of cake decoration tools that can help you create the little piece of art.

cat birthday cake
Another suggestion if you are tossing around ideas with the baker; why not take them a photo of a well loved cat you may have at home?

Enquire whether or not the baker can replicate a cake made with your favorite kitty friend in mind. For someone who really loves their cat, a cake made in kitty’s image is as wonderful as it gets!
Children’s birthday cakes with a cat theme can also be beautiful and fun. Any little girl would love to have a personalized kitty themed cake, with a curious cat peeking out over a birthday box. Cover the cake in edible frosted ribbons, balls of frosted yarn, little footprints in glaze and yummy pink bows in kitty’s fur. How adorable for any little girl and what an amazing birthday gift something like this cake would be!

cat birthday cakes


What about a cat cake design made with just a big happy cat face on it? Boys have birthdays too and this type of design can be a reflection of your son, father or brother who loves cats but doesn’t want to make a big fuss about their birthday. Maybe the guy in your life would appreciate a different looking cake for their next birthday.

Fun theme cakes make awesome birthday celebrations so why not make it a cat theme birthday next time around?

cat face cake


If you know someone who is having a baby soon, why not have a kitten themed birthday cake made up for the party?

If you are not sure of the baby’s sex you could have the kittens created in white cake. The frosting on the cake can be done in pastel frosting colors in green, lilac, pink and blue. You can add presents, pacifiers, and blankets around the base of the cake made in yummy frosting. What a beautiful gift to give to an expecting mother.
Do you know someone who loves Garfield the cat?

A cake like this is bound to be a conversation piece for a fan of this lovable cartoon character.

Garfield could make an ideal stag or birthday party cake for the guy who is about to change his life in a big way, or just has another birthday creeping on.

You can find many cake decoration items to create the perfect cat birthday cake on Amazon.

garfield cake

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and have some great ideas for the next cat birthday cake function you may be considering. The last and best suggestion we can give to anyone when considering a cat cake is make it a lot of fun!



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