Books About Cats: A Street Cat Named Bob – The Perfect Gift

books about cats

Are you looking for books about cats as a perfect gift for one of your cat loving friends?

If by any chance they have not heard and learned about Bob, the street cat that got famous this book will make a perfect choice.

First of all, let me thank James and Bob for this brilliant, heartwarming and moving story. As much as stories about animals can be touching and bring tears into our eyes, knowing this is a true story, and James and Bob are still wandering through the streets of London will make you want to go and search for them to witness the miracle yourself.

James, who was a recovering drug addict, earning pennies playing the guitar on the streets finds an injured cat one day. The cat soon got the name Bob.

As their relationship develops , they both bring new hope, new joy and new life to each other. It is a brilliant story about love, friendship and loyalty, and highly recommended to readers of all ages.

I have to admit, this book has made me smile and it has made me cry.

As I have found and rescued two kittens myself – and they changed my life completely, I could in a way relate to James and his newly found meaning of life through the relationship with Bob.

There is not one single person who didn’t like this book, and it is certainly among the top choices as a gift for people who love cats.



Best part about it – their journey continues, and after the first bestseller “A Street Cat Named Bob”, James Bowen continued to write about their adventures and life lessons they have learned together.

Not many books about cats transmit such powerful messages, but Bob and James certainly do.

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