Choosing the Best Cat Drinking Fountain

Your pet definitely deserves all the best supplies — from cat collar, cat food bowl, and even the best cat drinking fountain.

best cat drinking fountain

Searching for the best cat drinking fountain may not be easy for the newbie, because you might buy something short on quality. After all, there are affordable items out there, and you may be tempted to buy a cat drinking fountain that is cheaper than the others. However, finding the best cat drinking fountain isn’t impossible or difficult if you follow these steps.


1. Search for pet fountains
The best way to start is to Google available pet water dispensers or check out pet stores. This is just to give you an idea what to buy. Think of it as window shopping. There are a lot of drinking fountains available — ceramic, plastic, and stainless steel. The price depends on the brand and the material. Stainless steel is by far the best cat drinking fountain. It is easy to clean and does not smell bad after a few uses. It’s also more hygienic.

cat water fountain


2. Browse the Net for customer reviews
Check out Amazon and eBay for any customer reviews before purchasing a water dispenser for your cat. Everybody has got something to say about the best brand and the best cat drinking fountain. Compare the characteristics and price. Weigh the pros and cons, and see if the water dispenser functions properly.

The price matters as well. Look for the best cat drinking fountain with the best price. You cannot haggle, but you can find affordable yet quality products. Such is the best deal.

Probably the cheapest water dispenser comes in the form of a plain bowl. However, it will only hold a small amount of water. Cats do not like stale water. Hence, you have to replace or replenish his water supply every now and then. You may want a more sophisticated water dispenser because cats like moving water. The gentle trickling of water may just what your pet wants.

best cat water fountain


3. Know your pet before you purchase the drinking fountain
Determine if your cat is allergic to plastic. Thus, buying a plastic water dispenser is a bad idea. Cats also tend to scratch plastic and may result in the breakage of the dispenser. Consider the health of your pet before buying a dispenser; choose a material that does not harbor bacteria or mold.


4. Think of the design
You may choose from two types of fountains. There is one that has a falling stream, and another that has water flowing down the side of the fountain. Your cat’s behavior may just lead you to the right design. If your cat prefers drinking out of puddles, then choose the type with a large pool, preferably stainless steel. If your cat likes drinking from the faucet, then perhaps Drinkwell 360 is more appropriate.

best cat drinking fountain


5. Consider the number of cats in your household.
How many cats do you have? Consider buying a dispenser that allows more than one cat to drink. You can only compromise; you can’t provide every model to your cats. Choose what best suits all of them.


6. Narrow down your choices
For starters, here is a roundout of the best cat drinking fountains on the Web. You can use this information as a guide when you are ready to purchase.


– Deluxe Fresh Flow Fountain
It has free-flowing water, and the water is kept fresh and cool. It also has a multiple layer filter that contains foam so it collects carbon and impurities from the water. It’s perfectly safe for your kitty.
– Drinkwell 360
Made from stainless steel, Drinkwell 360 has five separate water outlets (good for multiple cat households) and charcoal filters to absorb water impurities. It is dishwasher safe too.
– Ceramic Avalon
Though it is ceramic, it is easy to clean. Good for pet owners on the go. There are charcoal water filters and foam filters included and it is still economical and safe to use. It’s also dishwasher safe.
– Catit Design Senses
There is a continuous source of fresh water for your pet, so you don’t have to worry about your cat running out of water. The water is always fresh because it is purified by filters. It is one of the most popular brands on the market.


Caring for your kitty includes choosing the best cat drinking fountain.

Look up the Net now for awesome water dispensers and make drinking a fun and healthy experience for your feline friend.

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