Does your Cat Need an Automatic Cat Litter Box?

Do you plan to get your cat an automatic cat litter box?

It is a good idea since you may not be at home most of the time to clean up when your cat has to poop. An automatic cat litter box is as big as a large litter pan. The only difference is that it can detect waste and movement.

Ten minutes after the cat has pooped in the litter box, a rake will automatically sweep the box and deposit the waste in a covered area. An automatic cat litter box is also called as a self-cleaning cat litter box. It sounds techie for some, but before you purchase one from the pet store or from Amazon, ask yourself: do you really need it for your cat?

automatic cat litter box


One of the advantages of having an automatic cat litter box is that it keeps the area clean all the time. Your cat may not like the smell of the box when it has a lot of waste and may search your home for other areas where to defecate. The litter box will take care of this problem since it cleans the area itself.
Second, you no longer have to be home all the time to clean up the litter. The box has an easy-to-clean pan, which works effectively in cleaning up the waste.

The litter box may produce noise while it is cleaning the area. The sound may disturb and scare your pet. The price is also something to consider. It is generally more expensive than the regular cat litter box. You can check out other cat litter boxes online or in pet stores and compare the prices.


The question is this: Will buying one be necessary in your home? Yes, if you have a lot of cats. No, if you just have one.
If you have just one pet to take care of, getting an automatic cat litter box may be impractical. You can simply scoop up the litter from the box. Besides, it’s just one cat so you won’t have a hard time cleaning up the area.

It is a different matter if you have multiple cats. You don’t have a lot of time (and arms) to clean up areas when all four or five of them poop in the litter box (or elsewhere in the house). Moreover, the waste will fill your house with an awful smell if not tended to immediately.

Again, you have to consider primary factors. The first is the price. How much can you afford for an automatic cat litter box? It may cost a couple of dollars. If the price doesn’t match your savings then drop the idea. You can haggle or look for cheap ones in the market, though. However, cheap ones may say a lot about their quality.

The second factor is space. Do you have available space in your home? The cat litter box may take up a big space in your house and getting an automatic one indicates that a bigger space is needed.

Third, the cat litter box must be near ample power and water source. Some cat litter boxes need electric power source.

automatic cat litter box


Next is the type of litter that the box uses. Some litter boxes work well with ordinary clay clumping, while others are more specific with a brand. Look if the cat litter box needs a tray too or a trash bag to dispose the waste.
Some litter options for the automatic cat litter boxes:
Expensive yet dust-free and uses permanent granules so you don’t have to replenish the litter box every other time – Some cat litter boxes are washable and are safe for your septic system. This feature is also good if you are allergic and don’t want dust polluting your home.

Some cat litter boxes use trays and crystal litter. These trays are also easy to clean. You can also use an automatic rake to clean them up like most cat litter boxes use.


Do you really need an automatic litter box for your cat?
You need it if you are sure you can’t attend to your cat all the time. Cats are not as messy as dogs, but they can poop around the house just as well. Also, this is good for you if you have a lot of pets. It’s fuss-free and more likely affordable.
Cats will like it, too, when they don’t have to smell their poop in the box. Their tendency is to find another spot to urinate and defecate, thus, buying a self-cleaning cat litter box saves you the trouble of cleaning up every time your cats poop.

All you have to do is to acclimate your cat to his new litter box and observe how the cat reacts whenever the litter box cleans itself. This way, your cat won’t get stressed or feel afraid of the box.



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