Cat Birthday Cake Ideas

A cat birthday cake makes a beautiful gift for the cat lover in your life Most people receive the average looking birthday cake with Happy Birthday written on it, but what if you could have a personalized designed cat cake…

Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

christmas gifts for cat lovers

This time of the year is about spending quality time with family and friends, so why not hand out Christmas gifts for cat lovers? The holiday season can be a fun family time of gift giving for many people. Gift…

Gifts for Cat Lovers under $10

cat gifts under $10

Having a cat lover for a friend or a relative is fun, because you can see how obsessed they can be with their feline friends. Now, as it happens, most of these cat lovers are picky with gifts. Of course they…

Does My Cat Love Me? Find out from a cat’s perspective

Have you ever wondered if your cat actually loves you and what it thinks about you?

Here is a short and funny video from a cat’s point of view 🙂

Every cat owner is curious about how their cats spend their time while they are home alone. This video is a great creative attempt to solve that mystery.


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